May 16, 2019, Yemen:

The Women Solidarity Network condemns in the strongest terms the crime of the Saudi led Arab coalition in a clear violation of international humanitarian law, in carrying an aerial bombardment attack in densely populated neighborhoods in Sana'a, which should not be justified a military target.

The attack led to the killing of 6 people from same family, including 4 children, and wounding 54 civilians, according to media sources.

We demand that the perpetrators of this blatant violation be immediately investigated and held accountable.

We regret that the fighting continues in this blessed month, the month of Ramadan, which we hoped would be a month of peace, forgiveness, freedom and charity. But we see a deterioration at all levels,  including failing to release detainees, and the bloodshed continues as new fronts of fighting continue to open.

We call upon the legitimate government and its allies in the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, the Houthis and their allies, in the spirit of responsibility, to lift the suffering of the people, and to take serious steps to stop the bloodshed, to declare a cessation of war and to move towards peace and to end all forms of hostilities. We also call upon all warring parties to engage in peace negotiations.