Yemen, 10 August 2018: Yemen is entering its fourth year of a devastating conflict, exuberating the humanitarian crisis, with more than 60,000 dead and injured people. The Women's Solidarity Network has followed with great pain the recent attacks by the coalition in Saada, targeting a bus carrying children. Local sources announced that 40 were killed, including 21 children, most of them under the age of 15, and 60 wounded, including 35 children.  The coalition spokesman stated that the attack is a legitimate military act. However, as mothers first, and as members of the Women Solidarity Network, we do not accept any legitimacy or justification for the killing of children.

We also followed the explosions that targeted civilian populated areas in Hodeidah, killing 41 civilians, including 6 children and 4 women, and wounding 111 people, including 19 children and 3 women. While the different media outlets clashed with each other to hold the various parties responsible for these explosions, we denounce these violations and atrocities against civilian life in general and the lives of children in particular.

We therefore call for:

- A cessation of aerial bombardment immediately against civilian targets and populated areas in all governorates, and urge to hold those responsible for the strikes against civilians accountable and investigate the crimes that have been committed, as well as, urgently compensate the families of the victims and provide assistance to the wounded.

- We call upon the Eminent Expert Group and the National Commission of Inquiry investigate immediately and document and identify those responsible.

- We call on all parties to the conflict, including the legitimate government, the Arab Coalition, and the Houthis, to respect international conventions, particularly International Humanitarian Law and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

- Respond immediately to the UN Special Envoy's calls and efforts for the resumption of the political process and revival of the negotiations to end the bloodshed, as well as, urgently commit to a ceasefire all over the country in good faith, as part of confidence building.

Finally, our hearts and prayers go to the mothers who have lost their children and we emphasis our continuation to defend women’s and children’s rights.

Source of statistics: OHCHR