Statement of condemnation The Women's Solidarity Network condemns the forced disappearance of our colleague Awfa al-Na’ami and her colleague Hassan al-Qawtari, who work for Saferworld International, where they have been arbitrarily detained and force fully disappeared since Monday after being summoned by the Houthi National Security in Sana'a for a meeting with them at 12 pm. They have not been released since.

The Houthi group continues to violate rights and freedoms in Sana'a and to impose unjustified restrictions on the work of civil society organizations. Increasing reports are reaching the Network of targeting women in particular, arbitrary detention with cases subjected to torture.

International organizations are reluctant to share information publicly on the challenges and the restrictions imposed and the risks and targeting of their employees, usually justifying public inaction for protection reasons, however, failure of taking public actions may very much be a leading cause for the increased restrictions, violations and abuses.We therefore demand the following:

-The Houthi group should stop these violations and immediately release Awfaa Al Naimi and her colleague Hassan and all the civilian including women arbitrary detained.

-International organizations should openly stand with their staff and protect them, including dedicating protection programmes that includes relocation services.