Aden, 4th September 2019: The Women Solidarity Network condemns the violations against Ms Afraa Hariri, Human Rights Defender and member of the Technical Advisory Group for the UN Envoy. Ms Hariri has been receiving threats lately through phone calls and messages, including death threats, hate speech, as well as, targeted smearing social media campaign.

These threats recently increased as suspicious persons came to ask about her in her neighborhood to locate her residence.

Ms Hariri has already made an official complaint with the security authorities in Aden, however, the recent escalations and security situation has de-prioritized her case and the authorities have not followed through the procedures to investigate those threats.

We, as such, call on the local authorities, mainly Aden Security Authorities, to immediately protect Ms Hariri, commence immediate investigation of all violations against her, bring the perpetrators to justice. We hold the Aden Security Authorities responsible for her safety and the safety of her family.

Issued: By the Women Solidarity Network.