Yemen, April 7, 2022: The Women's Solidarity Network welcomes the President of the Republic of Yemen, Abed-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s announcement to transfer power to a Presidential Council to lead the transitional phase in the administration of the state. It expresses its hope that the announcement will be a preface to a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace for all Yemen.


It also expresses its great gratitude to the Gulf Cooperation Council for sponsoring the political process in Yemen and for holding the Intra-Yemeni talks, in which 20 women members of the network participated and strove to work and coordinate efforts to present their visions in all axes, including the security axis - despite their exclusion- they presented the Feminist Peace Roadmap that included important security recommendations in the axis of the cease-fire, which gained appreciation and attention.


The efforts of the participants in the consultations culminated in establishing a number of important recommendations in the political, economic, developmental, security, social, humanitarian and media fields, which the network aspires to implement in order to achieve security and stability for Yemen and alleviate the suffering of the people.


The Women Solidarity Network also congratulatesits members who were selected to be an integral part of the National Commission for Consultation and Reconciliation, the legal and economic team, wishing them success in performing their national duties. It stresses the need to raise the level of women’s representation by no less than 30%, according to the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference, in all state bodies, committees, and institutions, and calls on the components participating in the transitional phase bodies to abide by it.


The Network highly appreciates the contribution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in supporting Yemen's economy with an amount of $3 billion and a humanitarian response plan with an amount of $300million, which will contribute significantly to improving the economic, humanitarian and living circumstances of the Yemeni people.


This national initiative constitutes a milestone in Yemen's political history. The network looks forward to the cooperation of national forces in giving priority to the interests of the Yemeni people and the country and the foundation of peace.


Issued by the Women Solidarity Network